Higgins and Burke ChamoMint Moon Loose Tea, kcup 2.0 compatible
Higgins & Burke

Higgins and Burke ChamoMint Moon Loose Tea, kcup 2.0 compatible

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Higgins & Burke® Chamomint Moon™ is Chamomile tea with a kick.    The brew has the aromas of chamomile and mint that come through, pleasing the senses.    The taste is unlike any chamomile tea I have had before (in a really good way).   The flavor of chamomile is there without the earthyness, the spearmint adds a nice kick and freshness and you get a hint of liquorice and citrus to add to the flavor experience.   

K-cup 2.0 Compatible: Yes

Type:  Herbal / Loose Leaf

Tea per Capsule:  2.5 Grams

Box Count: 24 Capsules per box


Kosher Certified 

Maufacturer Description: 

Floating high above fields of mint and chamomile, we enjoy the sweet freshness of billowing clouds and the refreshing softness of air. Rise to new calming heights with this elevating elixir.

Tea people will tell you that only fresh, loose leaf tea delivers ultimate taste. Great tea needs time, time for the rolled leaves to unfurl and give up their bounty of flavour when saturated. Our patented filter material ensures that our capsules will bring you the optimum tea experience. Enjoy!

Certifications: Kosher

NEW: Eco-Cup™. Higgins & Burke™ Loose Leaf tea is bringing a new level of eco-consciousness to single-serve with the EcoCup™ recyclable capsule. It’s the first capsule to use clear, recyclable, #6 plastic to help lower the environmental impact of single-serve beverages. And it’s easy: just wait for the capsule to cool, peel off and discard the filter and its contents, then recycle the cup. 


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