Discounted - Higgins and Burke Roaring Black RealCup - Loose Leaf Tea, 2.0 Compatible Best By 04/2019
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Discounted - Higgins and Burke Roaring Black RealCup - Loose Leaf Tea, 2.0 Compatible Best By 04/2019

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Box Damage - 24 k-cups inspected good. 

Roaring Black tea is a real cup of black tea.   The loose leaf tea in this cup seems to make a huge difference in the taste and aroma of the the product.   When you brew the aroma of the tea comes through, maybe it is the safflower, but it really adds a great addition to the brew.    From a taste standpoint the flavor is full, but delicate.  The flavor of the tea lingers with no bitterness. 

K-cup 2.0 Compatible: Yes

Type:  Black / Loose Leaf

Box Count: 24 Capsules per box


Kosher Certified / Ethical Tea Partnership Certified



Maufacturer Description: 

Slinking quietly through the underbrush then exploding into daylight, this amber cup revives with the daring boldness of malty Assam and a purring Darjeeling floral finish. Awaken your senses with this powerful cat.

Tea people will tell you that only fresh, loose leaf tea delivers ultimate taste. Great tea needs time, time for the rolled leaves to unfurl and give up their bounty of flavour when saturated. Our patented filter material ensures that our capsules will bring you the optimum tea experience. Enjoy!


Certifications: Kosher and Ethical Tea Partnership. Higgins & Burke teas is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. This  sustainability program works across the tea supply chain to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

NEW: Eco-Cup™. Higgins & Burke™ Loose Leaf tea is bringing a new level of eco-consciousness to single-serve with the EcoCup™ recyclable capsule. It’s the first capsule to use clear, recyclable, #6 plastic to help lower the environmental impact of single-serve beverages. And it’s easy: just wait for the capsule to cool, peel off and discard the filter and its contents, then recycle the cup. 


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