Higgins and Burke Bergamia Grey Loose Tea, k-cup 2.0 compatible
Higgins & Burke

Higgins and Burke Bergamia Grey Loose Tea, k-cup 2.0 compatible

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Higgins & Burke® Bergamia Grey™ tea knocks you first out with the aroma.  This tea smells amazing at first brew with both the smell of rose petals and Bergamot providing the aromatics.  At first taste, all the flavors are prominent, you can taste the Bergamot, the citrus and a natural sweetness from the black and green tea leaves.   The taste of the tea is smooth and lasting.  

This is as good of a cup of Earl Grey tea as I have had in any brew style.  The fact that it comes from a single cup coffee brewer in 30 seconds is nothing short of amazing.  

K-cup 2.0 Compatible: Yes

Type:  Black / Loose Leaf

Box Count: 24 Capsules per box


Kosher Certified / Ethical Tea Partnership Certified

 Maufacturer Description: 

This aromatic blend is reminiscent of fresh spring rain, lightly perfumed with rose petals, Bergamot and other mysterious citrus tones. It floats above a cushion of sweet mountain teas from India and the Orient. 

Tea people will tell you that only fresh, loose leaf tea delivers ultimate taste. Great tea needs time, time for the rolled leaves to unfurl and give up their bounty of flavour when saturated. Our patented filter material ensures that our capsules will bring you the optimum tea experience. Enjoy!


Certifications: Kosher and Ethical Tea Partnership. Higgins & Burke teas is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. This  sustainability program works across the tea supply chain to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

NEW: Eco-Cup™. Higgins & Burke™ Loose Leaf tea is bringing a new level of eco-consciousness to single-serve with the EcoCup™ recyclable capsule. It’s the first capsule to use clear, recyclable, #6 plastic to help lower the environmental impact of single-serve beverages. And it’s easy: just wait for the capsule to cool, peel off and discard the filter and its contents, then recycle the cup. 


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